Club Coach Officer

The Foundation, in partnership with the Scottish FA, McDonalds and West Lothian Football Forum, have appointed a Club Coach Officer to work with local football clubs within West Lothian in order to support the development of grassroots coaches and the Scottish FA Quality Mark programme.

The Club Coach Officer will specifically work with individual club coaches and volunteers to improve knowledge and create a better environment for everyone involved at the club.

The Club Coach officer will work intensively over a period of 4 to 6 months, leaving each individual involved in the programme with increased skills and knowledge so that they in turn can support all other coaches and officials at the club.

The Club Coach Officer programme vision is:

‘To develop strong and identifiable coaching philosophies in our community football clubs. This will be a clear, consistent golden thread that runs throughout the whole club, connecting all teams together’ 

Method of work

The Club coach officer will typically spend 2 evenings per week plus a match day at the weekend at each club. The programme will consist of 1-1 mentoring of a selected number of coaches within the club, plus a series of workshops for both the club leaders and volunteer coaches.

The Club Coach Officer works closely with Scottish FA regional staff to promote participation in football at all levels in line with ‘Scotland United: A 2020 vision’, the Scottish FA strategic plan.