Primary School Futsal

Officially recognised by both UEFA and FIFA, Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced football game for mini-teams that is played across the world. West Lothian Youth Foundation have a bespoke Futsal programme for the schools of West Lothian.

Many of the top world class footballers played Futsal in their youth and credit it with supporting their footballing development.

WLYF have delivered a full year initiative into thirty-six of West Lothian Primary Schools in 2014/2015. The initiative directly involved P7 pupils which will incorporate the coaching of Futsal skills and game awareness. The programme has been designed to complement Education Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence and also recognise the benefits of Significant Aspects of Learning framework.

The programme framework ensured that the participants developed the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes they need for mental. Emotional, social, and physical wellbeing, now and in the future. The structure of each session directly linked to the three lines of development – Movement skills, competencies and concepts; Cooperation and competition; Evaluating and appreciation.

The initiative was delivered over a twenty-four week period, split into three terms of eight weeks. Each week over one thousand pupils took part in new activities linked to the game of Futsal and followed detailed session plans. These session plans were constructed into a user friendly booklet which was left with each school that took part in the programme. Highlighted in each session plan was the specific Health and Wellbeing outcome the children were working towards or achieve through the activity.

The programme has been well received by the schools that took part in the initiative:

“It has engaged boys and girls with football skills. Some of these pupils would not have normally played or taken part in football. However, they clearly enjoyed the sessions. Boys who already played football, also got something from the sessions and enjoyed the input as they were developing their skills and making improvements.”

“The two coaches were excellent with the children, which was not always that easy, as children were not good at listening. The coaches were great at explaining techniques and very patient with the pupils who found the whole concept challenging.”

“We feel that the boys and girls have been working better in their classes during group work and by the end of the session where listening to their partners when working through different warm up techniques. Some of the boys may well say it has improved some of their own football skills as well.”

“All children willing to participate – all encouraged to try. As part of a combined campus, children from both schools are working and playing together. Some of the children are transferring futsal skills to playground games of football.”

“The children have been coached in a sport they would otherwise never have had the opportunity to take part in and I feel it has had a positive impact on many of the children, especially those who thought they would not enjoy it. It has also helped boost the confidence of certain children in terms of their sporting ability and has given other children a chance to do well in something the really enjoy.”

The programme was funded by SportScotland’s Sportsmatch grant scheme. The Foundation successfully applied to SportScotland for additional funding to allow the programme to continue in the 2015/2016 Academic Year. The programme is currently being delivered to 37 primary schools within the county and the activity has been opened up to any age group.

Futsal Afterschool Clubs

To support our Primary School Futsal and to grow the game of Futsal further in West Lothian, WLYF run a number of Afterschool Futsal clubs.

The clubs are run in partnership with West Lothian’s Active School programme and are delivered at various venues throughout West Lothian.

Sessions cost no more than £1.50 per person and are based on a “pay as you play”.

Each club will cater for different age ranges so if you would like further information please contact us.