Kno’ the Score

WLYF’s ‘Kno’ the Score’ programme witnesses the Foundations work in partnership with HMP Addiewell to deliver a programme of football, fitness and educational activities for inmates.

The course culminates in each participant receiving a recognised Scottish Football Association level 1 coaching qualification and upon their release, lead to potential volunteer coaching roles on WLYF’s community football initiatives across West Lothian.

The programme is being delivered over 36 weeks in 3 blocks of 12 weeks with a minimum of 15 new participants on each programme.

The initiative uses football as a tool to support positive changes in the lives of inmates at HMP Addiewell. The programme is open to inmates identified by the prison who merit inclusion and also for inmates nearing release and ultimately provide them with specific qualifications that will support them in their transition into normal life again.

There are a range of socio-economic factors affecting inmates including low educational attainment, problems with debt and unemployment, physical and mental health issues, homelessness, drug and alcohol problems, as well as a range of family and relationship dynamic issues that contribute to their social and economic disadvantage.

Upon leaving prison challenging circumstances continue to be faced around housing, unemployment or living with significantly limited finances plus a common occurrence of social isolation.

The initiative with HMP Addiewell will provide a structured programme of activities where participants can achieve something meaningful with the likelihood that this will encourage them to continue in this vein during life outside of prison and prevent any cycle of reoffending.

The programme is structured using football to help engage with participants and show them a range of transferrable life skills.  The programme has both theoretical and practical components which cover football and physical fitness activities and includes elements which aim to involve organisation and planning, relationship and team building, leadership and communication plus performance review, which are all transferable into their personal lives.

Fundamentally the programme strives to improve participants’ confidence and reduce tendencies of low self-esteem. The inclusion of an SFA football coaching qualification will provide participants with tangible evidence of their new skills and strengthen their ability to enter into volunteering and paid employment.

Kno’ the Score is funded by HMP Addiewell, Lloyds TSB Foundation and ASDA Carrier Bag Foundation